Fade Chromatic wants to move you. Whether it's your head, your heart or your hips, that emotion is at the heart of the band's philosophy. Their layered guitar sound and melodic vocals fluctuate between smooth and turbulent, providing alternate moments of relief and tension for the audience.

CARELESS//MADNESS, Fade Chromatic's second EP (released Dec 14, 2013), sees the band moving in a more mature direction, bringing a level of atmosphere and deliberate tonality not seen on their previous self-titled release from 2012. Thematically inspired by a piece of artwork commissioned by the band that eventually became the album cover, and informed by the band's recent reconfiguration as a three-piece, CARELESS//MADNESS is focused on being a pop record with less obvious source material. The band prides itself on its focused sound, mixing soaring pop vocals with introspectively powerful delay-based guitar riffs and in-your-face drums.

Spawned in the clubs of Toronto in 2011, Fade Chromatic have won over audiences at numerous high-profile events and festivals (T&T Waterfront Nightmarket 2011/2012/2013, Canadian Music Week 2012/2013), and they only continue to grow. If you haven't heard them before, you soon will - their debut album cracked the Top 20 charts on 92.5 FM CFBX, and CARELESS//MADNESS is already receiving airplay on college radio. Also under their belt are well-received music videos for singles "Capable Of Love" and "Waiting For The Edge". With a strong base in their hometown of Toronto, Fade Chromatic continues to expand their borders and is currently touring CARELESS//MADNESS throughout Southern Ontario and beyond.

Matching head-turning music with a live show drenched in energy that meets a continually growing crowd, it's no wonder they've already received significant recognition in online, print and broadcast media. But this is only the beginning - Fade Chromatic is just getting started.

"...between the multi-part vocal harmonies and the band’s four-to-the-floor pop-rock sensibility, ultimately FADE CHROMATIC are really just a lot of fun."
Ryan Stephenson Price,
"If there’s one thing for sure, Fade Chromatic know how to have a good time on stage!"
Chiara DiAngelo,
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